Harlingen is a characteristic seaport city in the province of Friesland and is one of the eleven Frisian cities. The city is full of variety and has a lively and pleasant character. It is the port of departure for many wadden trips, especially to Terschelling and Vlieland. Harlingen has around 15,000 inhabitants and is the fourth largest place in Friesland. The port of Harlingen is the most important port of the province.

500 monuments on the Wadden Sea

The city derives its special character from the more than 500 (!) Monuments and the location on the Wadden Sea. You can relax in the restaurants, on the terraces, in the bars or on the beach. A piece of Harlingen’s history can be found in the Hannemahuis in 56 Voorstraat, where silver, tiles and pottery bear witness to the trade and pilotage of the past.

Warehouses in Dutch style

Harlingen received city rights in 1234 and is therefore older than Dokkum or Amsterdam. Part of the defenses can still be seen in the center of the city. Harlingen is known for its quirky character. A legacy from the distant past, through trade with Holland and all kinds of distant countries. The beautifully restored warehouses and the houses built in the Dutch style still bear witness to this. The original canal belts can also largely be found, as are the many alleys that form the connection between the canals.